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Celebrating the best in culture, arts & crafts, fashion & live music

The Africa Live Festival

The Africa Live Festival @ The Elephant & The Nun - 2015

The Africa Live festival again brought the very best of African Culture in its entirety to the Elephant & The Nun. As a unique contribution to the event The Africa Live team will participate as the sole provider for African influenced bespoke goods, arts and crafts, fashion, holistic therapies, live music and cuisine .

What is The Africa Live Festival @ The Elephant & The Nun all about?

The Elephant & The Nun - London’s quirkiest Festival, a real celebration art, music and culture. The Elephant & The Nun began in 2011 and was characterised by a series of eclectic events that took place through the borough of Southwark from Elephant & Castle all the way to Nunhead (hence the name )

Following last year's success, it was decided to yet again combine all of these wonderful events into one spectacular festival in the stunning redeveloped Burgess Park.

This year people sampled the very best of African culture, enjoyed the vibrancy of traditional music & dance from Martinique and Guadelope  courtesy of Creole performers Zil’oka,  shop in the African market with 40 traders specialising in handmade & bespoke goods,  comics, jewellery, African wax prints, African & Caribbean literature, handmade clothing, natural beauty products, health remedies, African artefacts and holistic therapies.

There were loads of activities including an African Art Workshop, carnival parades, storytelling, dance workshops, honey trails and much more.



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The African Market Day events

The African Market Day events began in 2008 and were established to provide a positive platform for cultural exchange.

The African Market Day events showcases the best in African culture through a celebration of the uniqueness and diversity of Africa and the Diaspora which includes the cultures of the African Diaspora, The Caribbean and Latin America.

We have held a variety of events all over London in the Boroughs of Greenwich, Lambeth, Camden and Southwark and hosted the first ever African Street Market festival at Lower Marsh in  Waterloo. The African Street Market was featured in the advertisement for the Waterloo Bid and the events held in Camden were featured in the programme Afrika Rising.

Over the years we have been supported and worked with many organisations including but not limited to, Grace Foods, Jamaica National, OHTV, The Voice Newspaper, BBC London, Lyca Mobile, Afriqiyah airways, The London Borough of Lambeth and The London Borough of Southwark.

The African Market Day events would not be where it is today if it didn’t have the support of dedicated volunteers who are passionate
about the success of this vibrant celebration
of culture.

Trader and catering information

Please click the apply now button below for information on trading, exhibiting and catering at The Africa Live Festival events. Please note that these requirements should only act as a guide. Specific requirements are made known for individual enquiries.

Apply here

Traders & Caterers Information and Application Form

Trading information

Category 1: Standard Trader

Including clothing, jewellery cosmetics, arts and crafts, complementary therapies, hair styling and or similar items please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Category 2: Caterer

Including meals, hot and cold drinks and light refreshments.

We are welcoming applications to caterer at the event, this includes providers of hot and cold drinks and light refreshments.

Additional trading options:

For children’s games, sports activities, funfair rides, corporate, information stalls or for anything else please contact us at trader@theafricanmarketday.com to discuss rates.

If your business or provided services are not listed in the categories above please contact us at trader@theafricanmarketday.com to find out the appropriate category under which you should apply.

Application process

As part of our commitment to our traders we require businesses to complete an application form to ensure that there is variety of goods and services available to the public therefore limiting the amount of similar trade products, services or catering in the same category.

If your application to trade is successful you will receive instructions on how to make payment. Businesses will only be confirmed traders at The Africa Live Festival upon receipt of full payment and supporting documentation.

All standard traders will be allocated a pitch or stall if required. Each market stall has a 2m x 1m table area and 2m x 2m roof area.


Selling of food, snacks and drinks

Standard traders should note they are not permitted to sell any food or drink items catering provision at the event is only permitted via approved caterers who applied via a tender process.

If you are unsure under which category to apply please contact The Africa Live Team. Alcoholic drinks or tobacco goods are not permitted to be sold.


The Africa Live Festival is accepting applications for catering.

All caterers must adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1990 The Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Safety (England) Regulations 2006.

Tenders to cater must include a photograph of vehicles or units to be used on the day, equipment and menu including price list.

Caterers must be in possession of full public liability insurance for a minimum of £2,000,000. Documentation must be submitted with the tender application.

Any caterers with mobile catering units must be registered with the local food authority where their unit is kept. Unregistered mobile units will not be permitted on site.

Price lists must be clearly displayed throughout the duration of the event.

Units or vans will be allocated a specific pitch at the event.

Caterers are will be required to have a food safety management system in place and are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to food safety requirements.

Caterers are responsible for the removal of all waste products including oil products.

All cutlery, plates or cups given to the public will have to be recyclable or made of wood.


Electrical equipment has to accompanied with testing certificates

Gas powered equipment has to have a valid test certificate

Only diesel generators are permitted. Generators must have a valid test certificate, earthed and fenced off from the general public.

Generators and gas powered equipment must have fire extinguishers placed near them

General Information

Applications to trade must be made using the application form. Applications must include a detail of services or goods to be sold on the day. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any application to trade.


Traders must sell what they stated on their application form.

All trading has to cease according to information sent out in joining instruction

No selling will be permitted from vehicles or unauthorised stands.

All items must adhere to British safety standards. No items deemed offensive may be displayed at any stall or stand.

Price lists must be clear and in a prominent position on the stall.

Traders can only hand out promotional material within a five meter radius of their own stall and may not obstruct walkways.

Staffing of pitch or stall

All traders are responsible for the arrangement of their own stall or pitch and must set up and dismantled at the time stated within joining instructions.

Traders are responsible for staffing their stall or pitch and may be required to wear official Trader ID badges. Stalls or pitches must be fully staffed throughout the duration of the event.


No audio equipment is permitted within a stand without prior permission from The Africa Live Team. Diesel generators are permitted in some circumstances with prior agreement.

Subletting and stall sharing

Please note that the subletting of stalls is not permitted. Any trader who is found not to have gone through the official application process will be removed from the event immediately and no refunds will be offered. It is possible with prior permission for businesses to share stalls however it must be made clear on the application and full public liability insurance is still required.

Waste management

All traders are responsible for the removal of all waste materials and dirty water. Traders must maintain tidy conditions in the vicinity surrounding their stall. Recycled paper is to be used for bags.

Insurance and documentation

All traders are required to have public liability insurance cover of a minimum of 2milllion pounds to participate in the event to protect their liability. A copy of the your insurance documentation must be submitted when requested.

The Africa Live Festival will not be deemed responsible for any accident that may occur from the equipment brought onto the event site by a Trader.

By signing the application form for an allocation of space at the event you are indemnifying The Africa Live Festival against all claims of loss, damage, injury, to your staff or public within the event site and that any such loss, damage, injury etc. will be your responsibility.

Traders & caterers can purchase insurance from several organisations including:

The Combined Market Traders Insurance Association, average annual cost for insurance £48.00 for the year. Please call 0208 554 52 73 to arrange payment or visit http://www.cmtia.co.uk

National Market Traders Federation, average annual cost for insurance £102.00 for the year. Please call 01226 749 021 to arrange payment or visit: http://www.nmtf.co.uk

(N.B it is advisable to phone before purchasing insurance)

There are also options to purchase one day event insurance from several providers



Traders will be allocated two staff passes and one vehicle pass for the traders carpark. If your require more than this please inform The Africa Live team.

Access and set up

All traders will be given vehicular access to Burgess Park from an agreed time on the event day. Traders will also be directed to the traders car park .All details will be submitted with the joining instructions. Any trader who arrives before the agreed time will not be allowed on site.

Any trader that arrives after the set up time will not be allowed to set up and will forfeit their stall and will not receive a refund.

Any trader that displays behaviour that is deemed inappropriate by the event organisers will be asked to leave and will not be eligible for a refund.


In the event that The Africa Live Festival is cancelled due to situations outside our control we will endeavor to allocate traders spaces at future events. The cancelation, postponement or abandonment of the event does not give rise to a claim against The Africa Live Festival

If a trader cancels their space allocation at the event after payment has been made no refund will be issued.

If you would like to showcase your business or charity at The Africa Live Festival then please get in touch.

General enquiries

I’m a performer

Would you like to get involved in the festival as a performer, dancer or musician?

If you would like the opportunity to promote your skills through dance, music, spoken word, storytelling or any of the arts at The Africa Live Festival @ The Elephant & The Nun then please get in touch.

General enquiries

Corporate sponsorship

The Africa Live Festival is one of the best free events celebrating African culture in London. Over the years we have held several events and have been supported by many organisations including but not limited to, Grace foods, Jamaica National, OHTV, The Voice Newspaper, BBC London, LycaMobile, and Afriqyah airways.


Our Appeal

The events appeal to both young and old and attract a diverse range of visitors from all walks of life. The event attracts families, young professionals and people with an interest in culture and the arts. There is an equal gender split and visitors come from all over the country and Europe with the vast majority within a 1­2 hour’s drive of the event site

Our Marketing

Our marketing campaign runs over five months from March to August with coverage across, print, press, outdoor, online, digital and social media. Our festivals do not end when the event is completed but lives on throughout the year through its network of dedicated supporters, volunteers and the community hub element of the website in which the people are constantly kept aware of news and events.

We have a wide range of opportunities available including:

  • online via our website
  • on our flyers via a logo or an advertisement
  • inclusion on radio advertisments
  • main area sponsorship

There are trade and sampling opportunities available for your business.

For The Africa Live Festival 2015 @ The Elephant and The Nun we distributed flyers accross London and the event will feature in prominent print and social media both within and outside the London Borough of Southwark.

If you would like to find out how to
target our diverse audience via a
tailored made package to benefit
your business contact us

I want to help?

Volunteer at The Africa Live Festival Events.

Young or mature, you can believe us when we say working as part of the ALF team will not leave you short-changed. The action kicks off well before event day itself as the team assembles for introductions and briefings under the relaxed conditions. We'll aim to help you hone in on your appropriately desired skills and strenghts as you enjoy a front row seat on event day surrounded by vibrant activities, music, good food and lots more...

As a volunteer at The ALF area at The Elephant and The Nun you get exposure in areas such as:

Event management, Health and Safety, Risk management as well as exercising your team working skills. As expected Refreshments and lunch will be provided on event day.

So, think your up to the challenge? As you can imagine the few available spaces don't last very long so we encourage you to act quickly!

A few ground rules: 

To participate as a volunteer you must agree to:

  • be available to attend the event and briefing/s prior to the event (Date/s to be confirmed)
  • be over 18 years old and fit enough to handle working on an outdoor event for up to 8 hours


Volunteering with The Africa Live Festival team guarantees you a thrilling experience from conception to completion.

So whatever role you play in helping at the event, you can be assured it means being part of a first class team.

A professional, dedicated and goal-achieving approach are just a few of the qualities we look for in our “star” volunteers, and in return you get to experience first-hand the passion which drives the Africa Live Festival Team

Think you’re up to the challenge? 

We look forward to hearing from you...

The Africa Live Festival Team

How to apply: All you have to do is fill out the application form


Apply here to volunteer!

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